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Lightraise 40wi

Lightraise 40wi Interactive Smart Projector

prd nb ico scr artLessonBacked by over 20 years of innovation in educational technology, the LightRaise™ 40wi interactive projector enables you to add interactivity to almost any surface. This pen-enabled, ultra-short-throw interactive projector is ideal for environments where there is a greater focus on directed learning.

Bring learning to life with SMART Notebook

The LightRaise projector is the only interactive projector that includes SMART Notebook collaborative learning software. SMART Notebook software sets the standard for creating, delivering and managing interactive lessons. It also enables integration with a variety of SMART solutions. And if educators need content for their lessons, they can use SMART Notebook to immediately access over 50,000 learning resources on the SMART Exchange website.

Add interactivity almost anywhere

ppl prd ipj interactiveSurfaceWith the LightRaise projector, you can turn almost any surface, including a dry-erase whiteboard, into an interactive learning space. It combines projection and interactivity in one ultra-short-throw product and enables you to create screen sizes of up to 100" (254 cm) on the diagonal. You can accommodate multiple learning environments, all-purpose rooms and collaboration spaces with one projector, while ensuring that the content your students see is interactive and engaging.

Increase your return on investment

The LightRaise projector enables you to fill more classrooms with technology products, including the SMART Document Camera and the SMART Response interactive response system, while working within a fixed budget. You can accommodate a variety of learning environments while repurposing your existing materials and dry-erase whiteboards. Complementary SMART solutions integrate with the LightRaise projector through SMART Notebook software, so you always have the option to extend and enhance your classroom solution in the future.


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