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Video Conferencing

It’s time to take another look at video communication. LifeSize® makes communicating at a distance as natural as being in the same room. LifeSize high definition video communications deliver superior quality of experience, unique flexibility and unmatched price performance. Communicate with customers, partners, and employees around the globe – in true high definition video.

Avercom H100

Entry level Video Conferencing for Smaller Companies

h100With the AVerComm H100, HD videoconferencing is now more accessible than ever. Besides the affordable price, the AVerComm H100 offers you the most natural videoconferencing experience with HD 720p resolution, a user-friendly Table Hub design, a 5-megapixel PTZ camera and two-way content sharing, ideal for deployment in every branch office and conference room. Have face to face meetings in a matter of minutes.

Videoconferencing for Everyone!

High-quality videoconferencing systems are no longer reserved just for multinational giants. The launch of the AVerComm H100 brings HD videoconferencing to everyone—from the headquarters to branch offices and everything in between. Now everyone can enjoy the clarity and the smoothness of HD videoconferencing for less than the expense of the average business trip. Designed especially for small to medium sized organizations, AVerComm H100 is not only priced competitively, but also provides great performance, a user-friendly design, and all the necessary functions. The AVerComm H100 provides customers a great price-to-performance ratio videoconferencing option for reducing travel costs and improving communication efficiency, not to mention a great point-to-point videoconference solution.


Avercomm H300

H300The AVerComm H300 is an HD videoconferencing system integrated with all the functions needed for effective conferencing over any distance. At a surprisingly competitive price, the AVerComm H300 is equipped with Multipoint conferencing up to 4 sites, two-way Content Sharing, Snapshot Sharing, Meeting Recording and more, making it ideal for use in large offices and company headquarters.

Gather everyone at Headquarters

For the main office, video conferencing should be more than just being able to see who is on the other side. The ability to coordinate and to control resources from anywhere is required for efficient management when it comes to videoconferencing. Designed for small to medium-sized organizations, the AVerComm H300 includes everything you would need to achieve more efficient communication, faster-decision making, and better management. The AVerComm H300, with the integrated Multipoint Control Unit, allows up to 4 separate sites to participate in one video conference, making multipoint communication easier and more cost-effective. This also helps a corporation’s headquarters to collect information from anywhere and to leverage the talents of its employees around the world.

Multipoint Communication up to 4 points

Only one AVerComm H300 is needed to connect with up to three different locations and to hold a meeting that feels as if everyone were in the same room.